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If you're reading this post, chances are you want to know more about one Kim Ryeowook and I'm going to be the one to tell you about him!

About me: Why am I the one making this post? Well, I'm a Ryeowook stan with too much time on her hands and unlimited resources to his sheer perfection n__n also I know more about him than should be humanly possible orz I'm not funny but I try to be so bear with me when I make stupid jokes 8) I'm also completely biased, but I suppose all good pimps are \o/

Disclaimer: Videos are not mine, music is not mine, pictures are not mine, I made some of the GIFs but most are not mine either.

also, THIS IS AN OTP-FREE ZONE okay not really

★ Kim Ryeowook was born June 21st, 1987 in South Korea. obviously
★ He hails from Incheon and is an only child.
★ Ryeowook is the 11th member of Super Junior and a member of the subgroups Super Junior KRY and Super Junior M.
★ In 2004, Ryeowook entered the Youth Chin-Chin Festival and although he won second place, he did such a good job that he was offered a contract by SM Entertainment. He trained for 2 months before debuting in 2005 with Super Junior 05.

Now if you're here, I'm assuming you're already a fan of Super Junior, interested in getting to know Ryeowook, individually. So let's show the perfection and amazing-ness [not a word but wgaf?] that is Kim Ryeowook \o/


When you think of Ryeowook, you probably think of the cute, innocent "eternal maknae" who's not an actual maknae and never really was [before Kyuhyun joined, Kibum was the youngest but Ryeowook is more of a maknae than him so the name stuck].

Truth is, he is adorable.



And cute.


And faily.


He's a camerawhore who knows his "aegyo."


But there's more to Ryeowook beyond this cute image. He's got a dark side, a dumb side, and a musically-gifted side.

Ryeowook is not only adorable but he's pretty damn sexy when he wants to be. Examples:


But there's more to Ryeowook than just his looks 8D;;; he's more than just a cute face.

He's an affectionate drunk:


He tweets weird things:

[@ryeong9 trans] Going to Busan after Sukira open broadcast~~ it’s raining~~Cute Kyu ㅋ Hot Yesungie oppa^^~KRY (CR TwELFs)

He likes to creep on his hyungs


He fails at sports, for the most part

He's a sucker for fanservice

He's not afraid of doing the dirtiest of jobs

He doesn't mind dressing up


He doesn't like to be left alone

He doesn't mind being abusive to his hyungs

He'll do anything for his members

He has a cute way of introducing himself

He's talented at the piano

He's a...great...actor

His dancing skills are impeccable

Overall, Ryeowook is the definition of talent, beauty, grace, charm, wit, and overall, adorableness. What he lacks in some areas, he more than makes up for in other areas.

You may notice that I didn't really include clips of him singing. While he is an exquisite singer, he's more than just a beautiful voice. And plus, I'm sure anyone reading this already knows how well he sings :D/

If you have a Twitter, I suggest you follow him. He tweets in Korean but his selcas and his emoticons and his overuse of ♥ and ~'s are enough to keep you entertained. And if you're like me, it'll cause you to lose your shit pretty much every time he tweets n__n

Anyways, I'm no leading authority on Ryeowook, just a delusional stan who spends too much of her time flipping her shit over everything Ryeowook does \:D/ but I hope that this helped some people get to know Ryeowook better, and maybe it'll leave you with a newfound bias for the "eternal maknae."

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